cook. eat. enjoy.

Cuisino does the rest

What is it?

Cuisino is your personal digital assistant, who handles the details of meal planning and preparation so you can regularly make delicious food with ease
cognitive computer that quickly understands and acts on different types of data to give you a smart, holistic experience
platform that connects to both hardware (like smart appliances) as well as other digital lifestyle experiences (like health, nutrition, activity trackers, quantified self)
a personalized service that actively learns from your preferences and routines

What does it do?

Meal Planning

  • Choose desired days/meals to schedule, and how many people
  • Select or add your own recipes
  • Build aggregated weekly shopping list for you or to send for delivery

Meal Preparation

  • Automatic reminders of pre-work (soak overnight, bring to room temp, chill, set oven temp)
  • Hands free – talk to Cuisino for next steps while you work
  • Get instant ingredient substitutions if you’re missing something


  • Cuisino learns what you like and prefer
  • Use recipe classifications to fine-tune
    • time required
    • complexity of ingredients (everyday to exotic)
    • difficulty of steps/skills needed
    • approximate cost